Too Broke for Sturgis, Scooter Haven FL

Our general monthly meeting and ride (weather permitting). We welcome all women who ride their own two or 3 wheeled machine.

Here is a recap for those of you who missed this month's meeting, we got to meet 3 new ladies (Nancy “Let's Go”, Bonnie “Flash”, & Chrissy “Lollygaggin”) who are new Divas with the Tampa Bay chapter and are interested in transferring to our humble little chapter. Melissa attended as well and was gracious enough to make the introduction to Julie, Pam, and I. Our favorite server waited on us with a smile and a song as she did a little dance down the aisle of tables.

Nancy asked, “So, where are we riding today?” and I responded, “Well, Scooter Haven is on the calendar.” I polled everyone around the table and we agreed that was the destination of the day. So minus Pam, the six of us set out to fill up our tanks on 54, then head back to 54 towards the Suncoast Pkwy on-ramp turn lanes. While sitting at the traffic light, I happen to glance in my mirror and noticed one of our Chrissy, who rides a CanAm was no longer tailing the group. Also, Nancy was signaling us to that effect.

So we ended up making a u-turn back the other way towards where Chrissy pulled over in the median of 54. Chrissy was not happy… Her CanAm decided to mis-behave on 54 after the gas station. Julie (our fearless Road Captain) rode over to Chrissy's stop point to assess the situation.

Then while the rest of us waited on the other side of 54, Bonnie decided to head back home because she got a call about a rescheduled appointment and Julie came back to deliver the news on Chrissy's CanAm, Nancy decided to accompany Chrissy so that she wouldn't be left alone (That's what good friends do).

As fate would almost have it (things happen in Threes?), Nancy took off to meet up with Chrissy, Bonnie left. Julie, Melissa, and I decided to just go anyway out to Scooter Haven for their “Too Broke for Sturgis” event. So I put my bike in neutral and hit the starter button…. It hesitated to start! Then tried again and the same. Trying to be positive, I held the starter button for 1-mississippi, 2-mississippi, 3-mississippi, 4-mississippi… Then.. the engine turned!! Dodged that bullet.

Finally, the remaining 3 of us headed back to the Suncoast Pkwy for a 47 mile ride to the end, then another 30 miles once we got off the parkway. It was a hot day but no rain and the air felt ok as long as we kept rolling. We arrived at the entrance of Scooter Haven, traveled about 1/8th of a mile down a packed sandy road with potholes to our destination. Parked across from their little biker bar. We could hear the twang of country music and some amateurs trying to sing while drunk.

The air in the campgrounds was very stagnant and without any breeze. Julie got some water, we got to see the freely hanging bras in the rafters of the bar donated by many-a-drunken chick who has stopped in or stayed in the camp grounds. So we moved out to the deck and took a selfie or 2, plus a video short to help conclude the review of Scooter Haven. We remarked on the scenery, interesting smells, decided to call it a day and to head home.😂

Route to Scooter Haven

This was route we travelled to Scooter Haven and back. Click the link to watch the video replay of the route.